The closest point to the sun is here, located in the center of Ecuador, between the inter-Andean alley and the subtropics of one of its cantons; Its uniqueness has achieved that historical figures amazed by the beauty of this land have left it recorded in history without a number of data.

The warmth of our people, history, culture and biodiversity, are translated into a single word, Chimborazo; It is the perfect place where modernity coexists harmoniously with the legacy of our Puruháes ancestors, and the still existing heritage of the Duchicela dynasty.

Characterized by its location, and privileged by volcanoes and snow-capped mountains, they are the watchmen of this magical province; the majestic Chimborazo, the furthest point measured from the center of the Earth, has 6263 meters above sea level and awaits your visit.

Location of the Province of Chimborazo


We put at your disposal the tourist map of the province.

Chimborazo, the closest point to the sun ...

Visit the Province of Ecuador that is closest to the sun, enjoy everything that Chimborazo offers you

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