Riobamba, the Sultana of the Andes, is located in the heart of Ecuador, surrounded by the Chimborazo, Altar, Tungurahua and Carihuayrazo volcanoes, it is characterized by having one of the best preserved historical centers with neoclassical parks and streets and monuments of significant relevance that summarize its history, art and tradition. Known as the city of the “Firstfruits” here the first Constitution of Ecuador was signed on September 11, 1830, the first Olympic stadium was built and until today it preserves the legacy of the Shyris with a ruler who ignores Atahualpa himself through the Duchicela family in the parish of Cacha.

It has 11 rural parishes and has been declared as the “Railway Capital of Ecuador” and “University City” for its historical importance in the railway era and for its contribution to the training of new professionals in Ecuador. Its name means “wide plain”, words from the ancient capital of the Puruháes. The Quebrada de Chalán, is 10 minutes from Riobamba, and in this site a human skull was found in 1923, which is considered the oldest human vestige in the country.