The Penipe Canton is located northwest of the province of Chimborazo, on the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes, it is one of the territories that has natural beauties such as the snowy El Altar that is becoming a benchmark for ultra trail and others adventure sports. Its traditional gastronomy is the tortillas made in stone, filled with the delicious cheese of the area, in addition its traditions are enriched with the Animero, a character who travels the 59 corners of the town calling souls on the Day of the Dead, in November.

It is one of the places with the most unique and diverse characteristics of the Andes, where you can see a variety of flora and fauna, birds typical of the area such as the condor and a variety of lagoons and streams.

The warmth of the climate, the tranquility of its spaces, the green of its mountains, the beauty of its rivers and waterfalls make this canton a national attraction in which you will find everything to live the best experience.