The Pallatanga canton, due to its geographical location, is a subtropical paradise of Chimborazo. Its main attraction lies in the convergence of diverse environments and climatic floors; thus enjoying a subtropical climate in the lower area at 600 meters above sea level up to a conserved moorland in the upper area of ​​the territory at 4357 meters above sea level, becoming one of the most biodiverse spaces in flora and fauna.

Waterfalls, natural viewpoints, native forests, páramo areas, allow the visitor to enjoy a natural experience in “The best climate in the world.” For this, vacation farms, places for hiking, canyoning and horseback riding have been created for the enjoyment of locals and visitors. Large open fields in high mountainous areas allow visitors to practice astrotourism at night and take part in majestic spectacles such as observing multiple showers of stars in the sky on various dates or simply stopping to observe the constellations.

In the Pallatanga Water Park you can enjoy the practice of sports with your family, camping areas, swimming pools and slides, a Spa area in an environment that invites you to relax.

pallatanga croquis