Guano “Artisan Capital of Ecuador” named for the ability of its inhabitants to make sheep wool fabrics, its specialty is the beautiful and valued handmade rugs, unique products in our territory.

It is located north of the province of Chimborazo at the foot of the foothills of Igualata, considered by the ancient inhabitants of the area as the protector of the Andean peoples. It has important tourist attractions such as the majestic Chimborazo, the Ruins of the Monastery of the Assumption where you can see the remains of the old Franciscan church and the route of the Hielero. Next to the ruins we find the Museum of the city in which various archaeological pieces such as vessels, tripods, jugs, etc. are exhibited. The most relevant is the mummy of Fray Lázaro de Santofimia, the first guardian of the Asunción convent.