The Colta canton, is located in the northwestern part of the province of Chimborazo, it is important for its culture and landscapes; its territory includes the history of Ecuador.

The predominant language is Kichwa. Colta has as cantonal head the city of Villa la Unión formed by two urban parishes Cajabamba and Sicalpa, and four rural parishes: Santiago de Quito, Juan de Velasco, Cañí and Columbe: where interculturality can be experienced daily. Located in what was the old city of Riobamba, at the foot of the historic Cullca hill and north of what was the old Liribamba.

It is the cradle of men and women of knowledge and hierarchy such as Condorazo, Duchicela, the wise Pedro Vicente Maldonado, Father Juan de Velasco (First Historian of the country), Magdalena Dávalos, Isabel de Godín, etc. reasons why it has been called: CAPITAL OF THE PURUHÁ NATION, HEART OF ANDEAN CIVILIZATION and CRADLE OF ECUADORIAN NATIONALITY. Colta has different tourist attractions such as: ruins of the ancient city of Riobamba, the first Catholic church in Ecuador, the route of the churches, moors, waterfalls, among others.

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