The Chunchi canton is located south of the Chimborazo province; its name means “red sunset” due to the beautiful tonality of its sky, which with the sunset transforms the west of Chuncheño into a landscape with a variety of colors that inspired poets and painters.

Teodoro Wolf, when contemplating the singular beauty and exuberance of the lands of Chunchi, called it “Andean armchair built by the hands of the Creator”. Among the main tourist attractions of this beautiful canton, the Bacún native forest stands out, one of those places where nature has manifested itself without reservation to please ecology lovers, it constitutes a beautiful place that houses 104 hectares of primary forest; the Sonsaguin lagoon, the Espíndola lagoon, the Las Tres Cruces lagoon, the Gruta de la Virgen de Agua Santa, the best-preserved section of Qhapaq Ñan and the historic Cerro Puñay, in which important archaeological discoveries have been made, among others .