Alausí, a canton located in the south of the province of Chimborazo, includes in its geography tropical valleys and moors; Its main attraction is its railway heritage with the train route through the Devil’s Nose (considered the most difficult in the world).

In rural areas there are beautiful waterfalls such as Panama and Angas. As well as the Ozogoche lake complex, which is made up of more than 35 lagoons of different sizes with mountains, hills, rocks and rivers that are part of its landscape.

Historical figures have passed through this magical canton among which Humboldt and Bonpland stand out, who toured the territory collecting recognized plants of which 18 species are heritage and 10 are historical, this botanical route can be enjoyed in Alausí, a city known as the ‘ Five heritages’: railway, cultural, natural, archaeological and religious.

For possessing an infinite range of landscapes and climates between lagoons, waterfalls, archaeological sites, colonial streets and cultural spaces, it was declared a Magic Town of Ecuador in 2019.

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